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Original Indie Rock

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Judeth Seed and the Saint
is a rock group from Charlotte, NC
We play originals an
d a few unexpected covers at clubs, festivals, private corp events and parties.

Our music sounds like something you know - but it's all new and catchy as hell ... with grit and substance.  We write about life, relationships, good times, and bad times and wrap it in melodies you'll love right away.


There are plenty of driving beats, cutting electric guitars, beautiful acoustic guitars, and the kind of vocals you rarely hear.  Judeth Seed and the Saint are true originals.

Judeth Seed and the Saint is Steve Passaly and Chris Porter.  We are seasoned pros who have been playing in other rock  bands  and writing music since we were teens.  Now it's our turn.  

We perform as a duo or a full band - however we're needed!  If you are a booking agent, manager, or record company, we invite you to contact us.

Beats 4 you

Rock with the Saint.
Music by Judeth Seed

samples of what we play


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